Golf Putting Arc Training Mat.

Manual Golf Putting Training Mat

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A manual putting training aid mat that provides a visual path for the golfer to track and practice the correct putting arc stroke. It is a visual reference and road map  to improve your overall putting performance simply with very impressive results and a must for all aspiring players.

How it works.

The white dotted line denotes the target line. The curved yellow arc denotes where the sweet spot of your putter should be at any point of your putting stroke. The white lines show where and how your club face should align controlling the correct rotation of the shaft.

Promotes better distance control. 

The white lines provide distance control guidance where back swing to forward swing ration can be monitored. The best putters in the world have a 1 to 1 ratio and this is one of the main reasons why their lag putting is so good. Yours can be too.

Promotes better alignment.

Misalignment at setup is one of the main reasons why most putts are missed.The rectangle mat  provides a straight line visual reference that insures the player always  aligns correctly. 

Used by the Pros on the European and American PGA tour.

First appeared on the European tour in 2012 and has being used since on many a hotel room floor mid tournament.

Made from quality material with rubber backing in can be rolled out on to any putting surface. By providing the correct putting arc template the player replicates the proper putting stroke fundamentals . No more need for band-aid putting tips of the day. Just insure your putter tracks the arc on the mat to train a simple and consistent putting stroke.

A great aid for all levels but for those starting out, a brilliant aid to set you on the right path to better golf.

For the golfer who wants to improve this is an all in one product and a must have item to bring next game to the next level.