YellowDog Putting Training Aid- The Original – YellowDog Golf Putting Training Aids

YellowDog Putting Training Aid- The Original

       YellowDog putting training aid .Displaying putter in motion and the operation of YellowDog putting training aid on a contoured putting green with golf ball in motion heading toward the golf hole with flag  stick in back ground.
YellowDog is the Original of our putting training aids and provides the ARC stroke method of putting similar to the YellowDog Glide Stroke Training Aid and the stroke favored by most PGA professionals. Its colour lending to its eventual name. To understand the workings of YellowDog the video below is best viewed.  
    YellowDog manual arc putting training roll out mat . Green in colour

The above mat shows shows the workings of the ARC putting method. The white line is the target line on a straight putt. The Yellow line shows the path the sweet spot of the putter should travel for this method.The white and yellow vertical  lines denote the putter face at any point during the putting stroke.
The YellowDog training aid is designed to track this arc. So once you engage your putter every stroke you make will be the perfect ARC stroke.This aid is unique in that it provides a predetermined and controlled path for your putter.The putter face orientation is also controlled insuring it remains square to this putting curve throughout the stoke. 
With repetition one quickly acquires the secret to good putting. 
So now you are performing the perfect putting stroke over and over.
There is no need to think or second guess what you are required to do. Just repeat regularly and often.

For the first time ever the putter is in control. It is now telling you what you must do and what is required of you to facilitate this perfect putting stroke.
The YellowDog Training Aid
With the addition of the optional laser unit YellowDog truly moves into a league of its own. When attached the target line can now be displayed on the ground for the user to reference.
The combination of this perfect putting stroke and the display of the target line and how they interact with each other, can now be both visually seen and physically felt. This combination provides for a very powerful and unique learning experience.
It can be used both indoor and outdoor and is made from quality parts and is designed with durability in mind and to last a life time.
It becomes your very own personal putting coach 
YellowDog sets up in seconds and is suitable for all type putter types.
You will truly be amazed how each putt achieves it's target time after time.

YellowDog Putting Training aid original placed on putting surface with attached laser displaying a green target line on ground. Coloured golf balls placed beside in. Also Yellow dog lying on ground in back ground looking face on.

                        OPTIONAL EXTRAS AVAILABLE 
                     YellowDog Putting Training aid with laser attached placed on putting green beside YellowDog black carrier with yellow logo displayed placed beside Arc putt traing mat with coloured golf balls and battery charger with service allen keys
                   YELLOWDOG CARRIER BAG
          YellowDog golf putting training aid carrier bag being carried by  walking man on his shoulder golf course with lake in back ground in bright sun shine. Image only showing man from waist down. .
                             GREEN LASER UNIT

                  YellowDog  green laser unit shown with ring collar holding unit and double ball 360 swivel unit with lock thumb .Laser is switched on showing green laser dot.
                       CHARGER UNIT WITH
                       RECHARGEABLE BATTERY
 YellowDog laser training aid unit placed on green grass mat beside battery charged and battery with ring laser collar holder and adjustable double ball 360 swivel unit with easy locking thumb