Graphical representation of yellowdog golf putting matt

The above Diagram shows the path of how a good putting stroke should operate.

The white dotted line represents the intended target line .

The curved yellow line represents the path the center of putter should travel along during a correct putting stroke.

The lines that are 90 degrees to the curved yellow arc represent the face of the putter head as it moves.

The YellowDog putting training aid is configured  so that during operation in always tracks the curved yellow line .YellowDog also insures the  putter head remains square to this arc during operation. Provided the putter head is aligned to the intended target line during configuration a  straight putt towards the target is guaranteed if on a level surface. 

The YellowDog putting training aid is also configured so the vertical element of the putter head movement is optimized to apply the perfect roll on the golf ball with the angle of attack not being too steep nor too shallow.

Under the guidance of the YellowDog training aid the user can be confident that the correct stroke is being performed.


The YellowDog training aid is made with specially designed  polyurethane rubber coated wheel bearings. This provides for the smoothest resistant free movement of the putter head through out the putting stroke. Giving you the smoothest purest putting stroke.

By adding the optional laser generator YellowDog now provides a visual reference of the the target line. This illuminates the path the golf ball will travel on a straight putt while on a level surface .The combination of the perfect putting stroke in conjunction with the illumination of the correct target line provides for a most powerful learning experience.   

Through YellowDogs clever design it facilitates all putter types . YellowDog provides for seamless  engagement  and disengagement for easy ball retrieval during practice. It is easily and quickly configured for any desired lie angle or forward shaft lean preference.

YellowDog guarantees the smoothest perfect correct putting stroke every time .Once setup the user will experience making putt after putt full in the knowledge that they are practising the correct  putting method and technique . 

 With traditional practice a golfer will  invariable spend most of the time missing the target. Under the guidance of YellowDog the opposite will be true. It will change how you practice forever.Though repetition the proper putting stroke becomes instilled and ingrained automatically. It automates your practice so that when you go and play. You do not have to think about the technical aspects of your stroke.Thats taken care of so you can concentrate on just playing.