YellowDog Glide Stroke

The latest putting training aid from YellowDog Golf Technologies. . The best putting practice equipment ever that trains you how to replicate the proper putting stroke used by all the top PGA golfers worldwide. A putting stroke trainer to make your golf putting practice simple,easy and more enjoyable.  A must have golf stroke trainer for all levels. From beginners just learning how to putt and just getting to grips with the basics of putting to the seasoned golfer who would like to putt like Jordan Spieth. 

A quality precision putting training aid that automates the correct putting stroke so feeling and replicating the proper putting technique becomes a simple process .

Showing you how to putt straight  without the need for unnecessary and needless putting stroke drills which can be tedious and time consuming. A golf putting practice aid which is extremely portable and simple setup and use.

Say goodbye to all the well intended putting tips and confusion and say hello to your new putting coach and your new putting stroke trainer. 

Whats included

YellowDog Glide Stroke Arc track

Carrier Bag with zip pocket 

Collar with smooth running dual wheel bearings

Service allen keys